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Welcome to Greenheart’s Brand New Blog!

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Hello friends and welcome to Greenheart’s brand new blog!

We are on a mission to create a world where every business is regenerative by nature.

In this blog, we’ll explore areas of our work that support our clients to achieve this, including:

  • B Corp brilliance
  • Holistic Planetary Health expertise
  • Strategic business impact management

We want readers to take away our shared values each time they read one of our blog articles:

  • Fearless authenticity: in our content and tone of voice, proud of the inspiration we take from nature
  • Regeneration: driving always to give back more than we take, leaving an impressionable positive impact
  • Transformation: challenging ourselves and our clients to go beyond incremental change-as-usual towards true transformation
  • Action: always being able to answer the question “what can we do about this on Monday morning”

It’s also a platform for amplifying global thinking and voices in response to the social & environmental issues that matter most to all of humanity.

We hope this blog empowers you to navigate more boldly towards sustainability, whilst delivering meaningful actions that support your wider business objectives.

How often would you like us to publish content and what topics do you want to see us explore? Feel free to get in touch, and we’ll be more than happy to hear from you. If you like what we do, you can learn more about our work, our team and contact us.

You can follow us on Instagram and Linkedin social media channels for more frequent updates on what we get up to, in and out of Greenheart.

P.S. Listen to our ‘Regenerative by Nature’ podcast for more deeply rooted insights, ideas and innovations from the world of regenerative business!

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