What we do

We are broad spectrum strategic consultants supporting purposeful owners and investors to create positive impact and build long-term sustainable value.

Using our combined knowledge and experience in law, industry and impact management we offer expertise, flexibility and value generation across the following areas:

  • ESG / Positive Impact – using the B Corp framework to assess, plan for and embed positive social & environmental impact improvements within your business – from specific operational improvements through to comprehensive or transformational (i.e. business model) change. As trained B Leaders, we are experienced in leading boards through the business case for impact improvement, then preparing and supporting you through improvement, B Corp certification and embedding B Corp in your company’s culture and business strategies;
  • Contracts – using our legal skills and stakeholder perspective to help you get the best out of relationships, commercial agreements and projects across the value chain – including drafting and sense-checking contractual documents and choosing, appointing and interfacing with the right lawyers;
  • Troubleshooting – helping you identify, assess and resolve specific business challenges by strategic and out-of-the-box systems-level thinking;
  • Business Strategy – helping you clarify your objectives, establish the current state of the business and then devise, stress-test and communicate effective strategies, structures and processes to achieve your goals;
  • Support – working closely alongside you as both mentor and additional director-level resource as your Business Strategy is implemented.

We have also developed a unique ‘commercial intelligence’ coaching programme for lawyers and other professional services firms as well as public and third sector organisations who want to forge deeper and longer-lasting relationships with their commercial clients and stakeholders. Find out more here.

How do we work?

We can support you on a project or retained basis, whether getting our sleeves rolled up, coaching your teams or simply acting as a sounding board based on our track record of catalysing and delivering change.

We can guide, mentor, coach or facilitate – it’s up to you.

When it comes to execution, we won’t step back any further than you want us to: part of our approach is to deploy our talent, and that available through our wide network of associates, to help you execute your strategy. Where we don’t have the resource, we’ll help you scope, find and embed the right skills to make it happen.

It’s an approach that works – see what our clients say about us here.

What don’t we do?

Although we are qualified lawyers, we are non-practising. That means that, although we think like lawyers, we don’t act like them. We won’t give you formal legal advice but we will flag early when we think this is necessary and help you find, and instruct, the right lawyer in a way that saves you time, unnecessary expense and ensures you get the advice your business needs.

Have a look at the ‘About’ page to read more about us and what we’ve done for others.