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Our Impact Ambitions

Hear from Thomas Bourne, Founder and Chief Ecosystem Officer, as he introduces The Mother Tree: our bio-inspired integrated business, impact framework and explains how we are building a regenerative business inspired by nature.

Stamp style image with 'Business first, green at heart' caption

Stamp style image with 'Business first, green at heart' caption
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The Mother Tree

In our view, business and impact should be indivisible.

So we visualise our impact strategy and company planning together in the form of our ‘Mother Tree’.

Growing in the soil of our enabling systems (talent, finance, IT & data etc etc), the living system that is Greenheart draws nourishment from our values and the energy of our people.

The core capabilities within our trunk provide the strength and depth of expertise to allow us to deliver great and impactful work.

And at the top, our four branches of impact take us towards a shared vision of a world where every business is regenerative by nature.

We identified these branches, which we describe below, in collaboration with our inner and outer ecosystem partners (our stakeholders).

They are our response to the social & environmental issues that matter most to all of us and where we think it is our role to intervene.

We monitor progress and success against all of this, together, all of the time.

An illustration of a mother oak tree with trunk giving way to many branches breeding ecosystemic life into the analogy of a living business model




Natural Balance

Planned Activities

  • We will structure our inner ecosystem so that everyone has ability to balance stress and flow
  • We will provide a supportive and nurturing environment where everyone is actively coached to be kind to themselves and feels the business has done all it can to protect their health and wellbeing
  • Because of our culture we will be the preferred home for the brightest, best and most innovative talent in the world of impact

The Problem

The passionate and caring nature of our people, the urgency of our work and the operational realities of a fast growing and in-demand business mean that the pressure on our people can lead to stress, burn out and disconnection with life’s natural rhythms.

Our Ambition

That every person in our ecosystem feels content, in flow with nature’s rhythms and that their work is contributing to a balanced life.




Resilience Through Our Diversity

Planned Activities

  • We will be bold and open in our mission to build a resilient ecosystem that reflects and celebrates a rich mix of cultures and backgrounds and ensures the real contribution of global voices and thinking in our work
  • We will advocate for and amplify less-heard global voices and through all our activities facilitate a shift in the makeup of our sector

The Problem

In nature no monocultural ecosystem is able to thrive for long. Living systems require a rich mix of species in order to be resilient; truly global voices and thinking will be essential to resolving shared global challenges and ensuring a just transition to a regenerative economy; The environmental, climate, sustainability and conservation sector is one of the least intersectionally diverse in the UK.

Our Ambition

By building an ecosystem that reflects and celebrates a rich mix of cultures and backgrounds we will be more resilient, ensure the real contribution of global voices and thinking to our work and start to facilitate a shift in the makeup of our sector.




Planetary Health

Planned Activities

  • We will ensure that every client’s planetary boundary action plan is robust, accurate, and follows the most rigorous methodological standards
  • We will encourage our clients to adopt broader transformative regenerative economy/circular models

The Problem

The linear extractive economy, based on inefficiency and over-consumption, in which we are all complicit transgresses multiple planetary boundaries leading to irreversible damage to climate and ecosystems

Our Ambition

We and all our clients have clear near-term strategies to eliminate any direct harm and contribute positive outcomes to climate and biodiversity AND that we (and they) are actively influencing all stakeholders to do the same



Ecosystemic Change

Planned Activities

  • We will digest, synthesise and share impact knowledge and standards and support, challenge and contribute to those we believe in most
  • We will connect aligned people, businesses and organisations and their learnings & stories, reflecting the true interdependence of all parts of the global ecosystem
  • We will convene and amplify the voices of our ecosystem (including those lesser heard) to advocate for change that will drive rapid progress towards a regenerative economy

The Problem

Companies and organisations are working on their own solutions to universal social & environmental issues, creating inefficiencies and lack of sufficiently rapid progress. This is because a) lack of a adequate centralised (governmental) guidance/regulation b) too many non-financial reporting frameworks (and not enough time to understand them or the reasoning behind their choice) and c) insufficient B2B collaboration outside closed movements like B Corp

Our Ambition

To be an effective conduit between the organisations with the greatest potential to change the world; our combined voice driving a more unified and accelerated transition towards a regenerative economy



Convening & Amplifying

The ‘Regenerative by Nature’ podcast

As part of our ecosystemic change ambitions, this podcast showcases insights, ideas and innovations from across the world of regenerative business.

We aim to convene and amplify global voices, impact stories and thinking to help drive an accelerated transition towards a regenerative economy.




Our Impact Scorecard

Find out how we performed against the targets we set ourselves in each branch of The Mother Tree.

Impact Scorecard


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