Climate Emergency Declaration

Dear world

We are trying despratly to save you

I hate it this waye

I can’t beleev you are melting

Lovely world

Love from Bertie

(age 6)

Based on the scientific facts and our lived experience, we believe that the world faces a Climate Emergency and near-term threat of systemic ecological breakdown.

We believe that the impacts this will have through many strands of our society and economy, let alone environment, will be permanent and far reaching.

We also believe that solutions to these threats exist and that it’s possible to operate an economic system where people, planet and profit can all co-exist and thrive. But in order to unlock these opportunities, we need to act urgently to reconsider business models and operating systems in the context of those threats.

Being part of the solution is what drives us every day and is the context for all our work.

We have used this declaration fundamentally to realign our business and accelerate our efforts in the transition to a net positive economy. Our redoubled efforts focus on:

  • Supporting larger businesses with their own transition – including declaring a Climate Emergency and building suitable response plans (including BCorp certification and impact strategy/management); and
  • Advocacy, speaking and thought-leadership – for the BCorp community, network of businesses who have declared a Climate Emergency and for agroecological principles of food, farming and land use.

In our own operations, we are already a low impact business but also commit to setting a realistic target date, well before 2030, to achieve net carbon neutrality.

If you wish to know more about declaring a Climate Emergency, or join us in doing so, please get in touch or visit

For Bertie.

(And his siblings, of course).

(And all their future children…)

September 2019

If not us, who?

If not now, when?