Thomas Bourne – Founder and Principal ConsultantNew pic

Thomas is an experienced impact consultant, speaker and advocate offering strategic and impact-related consultancy services to purpose-led businesses and investors across sectors and sizes.

A commercial employment lawyer by background, Thomas developed a practice supporting corporate transactions for private equity clients in the consumer sector and earned a reputation for a pragmatic commercial approach.

In 2012, Thomas took part in the UK’s first masters-level course on the Circular Economy and developed a passionate belief in the opportunities and benefits of the ‘triple bottom line’ approach to business.

He left law in 2014 and joined an organic food production and retail business as Interim Managing Director where he turned the business around before supporting the shareholders through the successful sale of the business to a trade buyer.

Thomas is a trained and experienced B Leader and B Corp Ambassador as well as a trustee of the Soil Association and a non-executive director of its trading subsidiary, Soil Association Certification Ltd.

Thomas’s LinkedIn profile is available here.

Anna Murphy – AssociateAnnapng

Anna is an impact consultant specialising in the Sustainable Development Goals, Future Fit Business Benchmark and B Corp certification.

Her background lies in the impact investing space, where, with a project to build a stock exchange for issuers committed to positive social and environmental impact, she developed a deep understanding of impact measurement and management standards, tools and frameworks. After writing the impact reporting requirements and supporting various companies through their impact reporting journey, she decided to shift her focus more fully from research to engaging, inspiring and empowering organization leaders to contribute positively to social and environmental solutions.

Anna’s interest in the power of finance and business to create positive change stems from a research project on blockchain and supply-chain transparency with Baillie Gifford, where she learnt about impact investing through their Positive Change Fund.

Anna has also founded the Impact Economy Book Club, a growing community of non-economists exploring how economics, business and finance can contribute to the system change needed to solve 21stcentury challenges.

Anna’s LinkedIn profile can be found here.

Laura Matz – AssociateLaura

Laura is a business consultant specialising in B Corp certification.

Laura’s educational background covers a wide range of fields from philosophy and literature to statistical analysis and socially responsible marketing. A passion for sustainability pushed her to leave the hospitality industry to focus on helping purpose-led businesses make a positive impact.

Prior to her role as a consultant she has volunteered with B Lab Europe and B Lab UK to spread the message of the great work being carried out within the B Corp community, through social media platforms.

Laura’s focus is on helping companies to navigate the B Impact Assessment and guiding teams through the certification process. She enjoys problem solving and takes a detail-oriented approach to all projects.

Laura is about to begin formal B Leader training with B Lab UK.

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