Social & Environmental Responsibility Policy

In keeping with our core values and our belief in the power of business to create positive social & environmental change, Greenheart strives at all times to promote and role model the highest standards of social & environmental responsibility.

We subscribe deeply to the notion of the Circular Economy, which is restorative by nature, designing and implementing systems that return nutrients to the planet rather than endlessly depleting them.

Although we’re only a small business, our deep rooted belief in the necessity for ‘triple bottom line’ return is at the heart of everything we do:

  • It informs the type of clients and work with which we want to engage
  • It informs the way we procure products and services


We choose to work with clients who share our values, and not to work with clients whose work or values are at odds with ours.

For example, we have an established client base in the organic food & farming sector and strive to promote that sector and facilitate its growth. This is because we believe organic to be the most restorative system of agriculture available and therefore essential to safeguard the natural nutrient flow for future generations.

Going forward, we will be setting ourselves goals to measure the social and environmental impact of our contribution with such clients. Where we are not prevented by client confidentiality from doing so, we hope to be proudly sharing those impacts.


This policy also informs what products and services we procure and how we do so, as well as how our people make choices outside the working environment.

  1. We monitor our water and electricity consumption and will be implementing reduction targets in the foreseeable future. All our electricity is sourced from 100% renewable sources (most of which is low-impact) via our fellow BCorp, Bulb Energy. Non-renewable resource use is kept to a minimum.
  2. All our cleaning and sanitary products are naturally derived. We avoid harsh chemicals and refill our bottles where possible. Suppliers include: Ecover, Jason, Faith In Nature, Neals Yard Remedies and others.
  3. Stationary supplies are sustainably sourced where possible from fellow BCorp Red-Inc. All printer paper is recycled and printing kept to a minimum. We subscribe to HP Instant Ink so that our printer ink use is the most efficient it can be, and spent cartridges returned to the manufacturer.
  4. Use of single-use plastics is actively discouraged and alternatives sought. A thorough re-use and recycling system is in place – we operate five bins: compost, paper, plastic, glass and landfill. We repair rather than replace and reuse bottles/packaging wherever possible. Waste sent to landfill is kept to an absolute minimum and waste electrical products are separated and disposed of at a suitable facility.
  5. All food is organic and either grown on our farm or locally sourced and delivered without unnecessary packaging.
  6. We believe in giving the best possible chance to people who, like us, are passionate about doing what they do in the right way. So we choose our suppliers carefully, giving first preference (where we have a choice) to independent businesses, particularly those that are local to us or minority owned.
  7. We commit to ensuring that any contractors we engage are paid at least the Living Wage.
  8. We contribute to our local community and charities in which we believe both financially and in-kind by volunteering our time and expertise.
  9. Whenever reasonable practicable, business travel is undertaken as follows:
    • less than 3 miles by foot or bicycle;
    • more than 50 miles by train and/or public transport; and
    • intermediate or rural journeys may require car travel, but alternatives (such as video-conferencing) are always sought

Version 2 – August 2018